Revised Official Entry List Revised Official Entry List - Approved by the FIA on March 5th, 201505/03/15 530 KB
Supplementary Regulations English Version30/01/15 2 MB
Reglamento Particular Spanish Version06/02/15 2 MB
Itinerary 2015 Version 318/01/15 221 KB
Reconnaissance Road Book Reconnaissance Road Book V218/02/15 10 MB
Route Maps 2015 V3 Itinerary Version 3, White Background20/01/15 4 MB
Route Maps 2015 V3 Itinerary Version 3, Colour Background20/01/15 9 MB
Rally Guides
Rally Guide 1 Rally Guide 1 / Version 207/01/15 3 MB
Rally Guide 2 Complete08/02/15 22 MB
Rally Guide 2 (Text Only) Main section only08/02/15 1 MB
Rally Guide 2 Appendixes Appendixes only08/02/15 17 MB
Entry Form Regular Entry Form18/01/15 197 KB
Entry Form OMDAI FIA México Entry Form for all OMDAI FIA México homologated and authorized cars ONLY.18/01/15 162 KB
Fuel Order Form 2015 Fuel Order Form 201512/01/15 115 KB
Import Form Import Form18/01/15 131 KB
Service Facilities Request 1 Electronic Form18/01/15 133 KB
Service Facilities Request 2 Paper Form06/02/15 137 KB
Helicopter Registration Helicopter Registration Form18/01/15 171 KB
Insurance Note IMPORTANT18/01/15 107 KB
Manufacturer Room Facilities Manufacturer Room Facilities Request Form18/01/15 148 KB
P1 Reconnaissance Car Registration Reconnaissance Car Registration Form for Priority 1 crews ONLY18/01/15 124 KB
Reconnaissance Car Registration Reconnaissance Car Registration Form18/01/15 144 KB
P3 & Other Shakedown Registration Shakedown Registration Form for Priority 3 and Others18/01/15 164 KB
Shared Service Allocation Shared Area Service Allocation18/01/15 155 KB
DMACK Tyre Order Form To be filled with Adobe Acrobat18/01/15 276 KB